Leak detection, air pockets and pipe network mapping.

We are representatives for Colombia in the Oil & Gas sector of the SmartBall platform, it is a free swimming inspection tool to detect leaks and gas pockets, it also allows mapping pipeline networks. It is a multi-sensor ILI tool that can evaluate pipelines 4 inches in diameter or larger. The tool is an important part of a best-in-class leak detection and integrity program, and collects a variety of information, including containment confirmation and continuous pressure and temperature data, all in a single implementation.


How does it work?

The tool is deployed and retrieved from existing pig traps and launches and tracked using PureHM's patented Armadillo AGMs. Unlike most ILI tools, the SmartBall platform can also be initiated and retrieved using alternative methods. When deployed, the tool travels with the product flow and is able to traverse bends and tees in the pipeline that many ILI tools cannot. During any inspection, the SmartBall tool collects confirmation of containment, temperature and pressure data simultaneously. To detect leaks, the tool uses an acoustic sensor that identifies the sound generated by product escaping from the pipeline, which is easily distinguished from other noise sources present in the pipeline. Unlike conventional CPM systems, the SmartBall tool can identify pinhole leaks down to 0.03 GPM (115 ml/min). The tool's acoustic sensor is typically magnitude more sensitive than conventional leak detection systems.


Hydrostatic Test for Valves!

Hydraulic Testing

We perform pressure tests to evaluate the condition and tightness of the equipment, in this way we can know the condition of the accessories, seals, welding and other components. The tests are performed mainly with water or non-contaminating and non-corrosive fluids that allow us to recreate the operation of the equipment, thus we can prevent accidents, comply with regulations and extend the useful life of the assets.


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